Welcome to AVT Australia


UAV Vision has recently rebranded as AVT Australia.

AVT is an Australian company that designs and manufactures multi sensor, gyro-stabilised imaging systems for air, ground and maritime military domains in Asia-Pacific. Our systems have been integrated into UAS, manned aircraft, marine vessels and ground vehicles, providing real-time intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance.

With over 12 years of experience in system design, development, testing, optimisation and sales, the company has become a trusted and established global supplier of military-grade imaging systems.

We have become globally recognised for our pioneering air defence systems, which are deployed and operated for force protection, VIP protection, ISTAR, border security, FOB surveillance and public event security.

Our multi-disciplinary workforce allows all aspects of production to take place in-house in our Australian-based production office, so we can continue to offer our customers low-cost solutions, without sacrificing on quality. All aspects of manufacture and design go through strict QA procedures to ensure your system meets our Quality Management Standards.


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• Multi sensor – daylight, thermal (LWIR, MWIR and SWIR) and laser
• Real time electronic and mechanical stabilisation
• 30x continuous daylight optical zoom
• Up to 20x infrared optical zoom
• Real time HD imagery
• Exceptional object tracking functionality
• Advanced GEO-Location algorithms for accurate GPS information
• Motion detection
• Accurate acceleration, orientation, position and velocity information.
• On-board video encoding to MISB and STANAG standards
• Weather resistance
• Rugged
• Intuitive Control Interface
• Mission-proven counter UAS ‘Operator Assist’ software