Maritime Imaging Systems




Optimum Detection and Identification in the Harshest Water Environments

Gyro-stabilised multi-spectral imaging systems for maritime missions.


Lightweight EO & IR Imaging

> 1kg

> EO and LWIR

> ITAR Free


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Advanced EO & IR Imaging

> 3.5kg

> EO, MWIR and Laser

> ITAR Free


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HD EO & IR Imaging

> 11kg

> 4 Sensor Configurations

> ITAR Free


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Keep Your Waters Protected


Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) is vital for your maritime security operation. 

Criminal activity within marine environments is prevalent worldwide, threatening your borders and marine operations. Protect your waters against drug and human trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorism, illegal shipment dumping and warfare with a multi sensor imaging system. Day and night time imagery lets you effectively monitor sea lanes and borders; overlook all sea operations; and prevent crime.


24/7 Situational Awareness


Optimised with mechanical and digital stabilisation, our marine range of imaging systems gives you excellent quality video that is streamed in real time to your operator. Accurately detect and identify a target at day or night with superior optical and digital zoom. Don’t let sea fog cloud your vision, de-fog capability optimises your detection, recognition and identification capabilities in low light conditions. Short and long range target acquisition improves your situational awareness so you have a better chance of preventing crime.

Rapid Deployment


Your maritime mission is unpredictable. Having an ISR imaging system that can be rapidly deployed to provide prompt situational awareness can be the lifeline of your mission. Your AVT sensor can be integrated into a range of platforms, from marine vessels to UAVs, to provide you with a flexible solution that can adapt from one mission to the next. The user-friendly operator suite, OPS-Warden, ensures your team can quickly and simply gather mission-critical data.




Patrol Craft