Airborne Imaging Solutions




Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance


Accurately detect a target from long ranges with 30x continuous daylight and up to 13x thermal optical zoom. Excellent zoom capabilities lets you keep out of sight from your opposition and maintain a safe standoff distance. Low power consumption provides longer flight endurance so can benefit from consistent situational awareness.Track your target with consistency and reliability with a simple click of a button or tap on a touch screen device. GEO-Lock lets you gather geographical information on your target in real time, which securely sends mission-critical information directly to the people who need it.

Cover More Ground


Manned and unmanned aerial vehicles are essential for search and rescue missions. The ability to quickly cover large areas of land increases your probability of finding a missing person. With daylight and thermal imagery, you can successfully carry out your SAR mission in all light conditions. 30x continuous daylight and 13x thermal optical zoom helps you accurately identify a person or vehicle, saving you valuable time. With GEO-Lock, you can promptly communicate a person’s exact geographical location to speed up response and increase your chances of saving a life.

Accurate Target Acquisition


To give you the best video experience, all Defence Vision systems are optimised with gyro-stabilisation and onboard real time digital image stabilisation to improve the quality of your imagery. Exceptional stabilisation at maximum zoom helps you identify a target and gather critical information on their surroundings. The ability to identify whether your target is armed helps you make better decisions when responding to a threat.


User-Friendly Operation


Using OPS-Warden, an intuitive command, control and communications system, you have complete control over the operational capabilities of your sensor. The visual interface lets you configure your EO and IR sensors, utilise all the sensor functions, customise your video display, replay a mission, customise all user settings and auto connect to your sensor.


Compatible Gimbals