Ground Imaging Solutions





Long Range Threat Detection


Protect your borders from incoming threats with an optical long range target detection system. Daylight and thermal imagery gives you 24/7 situational awareness. When paired with exceptional zoom capabilities, you can benefit from seamless imagery at maximum zoom to gather accurate detection, recognition and identification (DRI) information, helping you respond effectively to a threat.











Your Protection Against Rogue Drones


UAVs are becoming a growing issue given their ability to transport explosives, chemicals, weapons and illegal substance; fly near aircraft and cause disruptions; and access no-fly zones. Counter UAS technology is essential for the protection of the homeland, borders, national assets, military camps, civilians, infrastructure and aircraft.

For 24/7 protection, the CM202U is a multi sensor system with 60x daylight and 20x thermal optical zoom to give you persistent situational awareness. MWIR imagery provides protection against drones at night and in low light conditions. Automated static and motion target detection informs your operator of all incoming activity. Exceptional zoom capabilities provides accurate positive identification, allowing you to quickly respond to a threat with confidence. The CM202U is a proven optical solution that has received global recognition for its ability to successfully protect military squads, civilians and national interests.


The Leading Portable Counter UAS Solution

For the toughest of environments, the CM202U gyro-stabilised imaging system offers a rugged solution that can be rapidly deployed to provide instant situational awareness.


• 20x thermal (MWIR) optical zoom
• 60x daylight (EO) optical zoom
• Highly adaptable to extreme weather conditions
• Auto-detection with static and moving threat detection algorithms
• Sub 5.5kg to provide a man-portable system for easy relocation
• Quick and simple hook up, plug and play for rapid deployment and continuous information gathering
• HD imagery is live-streamed to your control centre, giving the right information to the right people
• High detection probability of people, vehicles, sUAS and general motion