Soldier Systems




Instant Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance


Your mission is unpredictable, so be ready for any unanticipated threat with the CM122SO imaging system. Quick and simple deployment gives your team prompt situational awareness.The rugged system provides an adaptable multi-intelligence solution that can be easily integrated into a range of platforms. Simple hook up ‘plug and play’ ensures rapid deployment of your CM122SO for persistent surveillance.

Missions on the Move


Whether you are relocating by foot or vehicle, the CM122SO can be easily transported between locations. The compact system weighs as little as 950g and measures just 120mm, providing the most portable solution for your operation. Benefit from real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance no matter where your team is based.

Precise, Portable and Powerful

Every special forces mission is challenged by different infrastructure, environmental conditions and threats. The CM122SO offers a flexible solution that combines all the benefits of a large sensor in a miniature, lightweight and portable system.


  • Real-time data gathering and analysis
  • Day and night intelligence
  • Low power to provide long endurance when integrated into a UAV, on a USV or ground vehicle
  • Lightweight for easy transportation between locations
  • Weather resistant, providing your team with a system that can adapt between missions
  • Quick and simple setup, ideal for rapid deployments
  • Long range target detection
  • Thermal imagery to provide visibility in low-light conditions
  • Simple joystick or touchscreen command and control
  • Dust and water resistant to ensure reliability and consistency in performance
  • Daylight and thermal optical and digital zoom to provide you with more information on a target, whilst keeping out of sight
  • High definition imagery for improved target acquisition
  • Mechanical and digital stabilisation to provide you with the highest quality footage and increase your DRI capabilities.