The Portable Solution


The CM1 family is the lightest range of multi sensor imaging systems that offer quick and simple integration into UAS, USVs and unmanned ground vehicles to facilitate rapid deployment. Daylight and thermal imagery provide around the clock situational awareness. 


Effective Aerial Surveillance


Accomplish more with the battle-proven CM202A multi sensor system. High definition daylight and crisp MWIR imagery provides accurate detection, recognition and identification information at day and night. Track an object with consistency and reliability using the user-friendly OPS-Warden command and control interface. 


Proven Counter UAS


Protect your team, civilians, homeland and national assets from UAS strikes with the multi sensor CM202U gyro-stabilised imaging system. Receive real-time notifications of incoming aerial activity with automated static and motion target detection. 60x daylight and 20x MWIR optical zoom provides accurate identification of UAS to facilitate rapid response to threats. Track a UAS to its landing location with the advanced object track feature.

Battle Proven


Man Portable

60x EO Optical Zoom

20x MWIR Optical Zoom

Moving Target Detection

Static Target Detection




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